Currently Seeking: Applicants for A Realm Reborn who would also be interested in joining our Free Company for endgame.

Thank you for your interest in Phoenix Order!

Who we are: Phoenix Order is a LS/Free Company with a 10+ year history in several MMOs, including FFXI, Aion, Tera, and now FFXIV. Several members have been playing MMOs together for that period of time. Our philosophy has always been to enjoy the games we play, and to play them to the best of our ability in a relaxed, friendly environment.

We are a casual endgame LS/Free Company. To that effect, we are non-competitive and play a fairly relaxed schedule. We also do not have as many time requirements or elaborate rules/systems as more hardcore groups. However, we do clear all content, and while we are rarely server first or anything of the sort we are a capable group that progresses through everything the game has to offer. If you're looking to experience the full range of content FFXIV has to offer, but you don't like pressure and convoluted systems that turn the game into a second job, we might be the group for you.

In addition to endgame, we're a social group, and enjoy doing community events such as our yearly Secret Santa event, Summer Swimsuit Photoshoot, and other fun stuff. We're far from a SRS BUSINESS group, and like to joke around and have fun while we play.

Our Schedule: Phoenix Order is a PST-based LS/FC. Most events are held from about 8PM PST until about 11PM PST, several days a week. We of course welcome players from all around the world, and members are always encouraged to start up parties for instance runs and other content whenever they'd like, not just at official event times. That said, it would be best if potential applicants are able to play at our event times at least a few days a week.

Attendance and Loot Rules: We do not have any official attendance requirements, and players are free to attend events when they are able.

Loot distribution is decided by Officers based on a number of factors. While we do not have a complicated DKP system, attendance, wish lists, and items received are tracked, and all play major roles in how loot is distributed. Generally speaking, if you have your eyes on an item, show up, contribute, and maintain a positive attitude you'll have no problems getting the shinies!

Linkshell? Free Company?: In FFXIV, there are two social systems. First is the linkshell, which is effectively just a chat channel and social gathering place. Second is the Free Company, which is more like a traditional MMO Guild. When applying, we ask you to specify if you are interested in joining our Free Company. The Free Company is going to be used primarily for events and event management. Free Company members receive first priority for events and loot. Purely social LS members have absolutely no obligation to attend FC events, though if there is room in the party/alliance they are more than welcome. We also ask that potential Free Company members spend some time as a LS member first to get to know us. We keep things friendly, and having compatible personalities and familiarity with each other is very important to us.

Multiple LS Policy: Since a linkshell is purely a social channel in ARR, you are of course free to be in as many as you like. That said, we do like it when our members are active in PO, even during non-event times, as it helps everyone become better friends and makes playing together more fun!

I heard you guys don't like voice chat, what the hell is wrong with you people?: PO has something of a reputation for not using VoIP during many events. Many of our members have very valid reasons not to, including busy home lives, sleeping family/significant others, disabilities, difficulty with spoken english, PS3 play, and so on. In addition, many of our members are "old school" MMO players, from a time when such software was rarely used and are used to it. That said, we will of course use VoIP when an event would benefit from it, such as a busy raid or difficult encounter. If there is demand, a Mumble server will be maintained and members will be free to use it as they want, however its use will almost never be a requirement. If this makes you uncomfortable and you'd rather play in a group that has constant chatter via VoIP for all events, we humbly ask that you find another LS/FC that would fit your playstyle better.

What we'd like from you: We don't ask a lot of our members. However, what little we do ask depends on if you are a LS or FC member. If you're just in the LS to socialize and do the occasional event with us, we just ask that you be friendly and considerate of others. We joke around, and sometimes our humor is decidedly adult, so we do ask that all members are over the age of 18. You also have to be able to take a joke, and not take things seriously. You also have to know how to have fun, because after all this is a game!

If you are a FC member, we ask the above of course, and also request that you do not assist other FCs with events during PO event times. You're free to do as you like during non-event times, and we certainly don't have any silly rules barring people from helping others, but we do request that you not do it when the FC may need you at our events.

We also request that you do NOT trade/sell any salable items you receive from the FC, unless such items are free lot/trash. In a similar vein, we also request that you not lot items that you don't have a use for. For example, if you don't like playing Paladin, don't try to lot a sword if another member needs it.

Our last rule is that we strongly discourage "e-peen wars". Essentially, things like publicly posting damage meter results or the like in an attempt to brag or belittle another member is absolutely not allowed. If you wish to compare results with another member, get their consent first and take it to tells. If you would genuinely like to address a concern with a member's performance or offer suggestions for improvement, please send a /tell to the raid leader. We certainly want everyone to perform the best they can, and our goal is to clear content, but we also don't want members to feel so pressured to put out better numbers that their play becomes sloppy or they become nervous or frazzled. If high pressure is something that excites you, we just might not be the group for you. That said, we also won't tolerate freeloaders or people obviously not doing their part, so don't think it's ok to show up in all AF or to know nothing about your job/role.

Other than those things, we just want everyone to have a good time and enjoy their playing experience with us! FFXIV is first and foremost a game, and we believe that a game should be a fun, stress-free experience. So if what you've read makes us sound like a group you'd be interested in, we welcome your application! Please fill out all of the fields to the best of your ability, especially the "Why would you like to join our LS?" field, and we'll get back to you!

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to know more, feel free to send a tell to Karina Silverstar, Orophin Calmcacil, Gradd Helian, Aethaeryn Laraem, or Azran Hayat. Thanks for your interest, and we hope to hear from you soon!
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